Press Release: IALA approves new specification guidelines for digital services

Press Release:

At its 65th session, the IALA Council adopted a new specification guideline for digital services in the maritime domain. Based on input from EfficienSea2, the new guideline will help ensure that the best digital solutions work across different oceans and different equipment.

Thomas Christensen, Work Package Leader for EfficienSea2 and Senior Advisor at the Danish Maritime Authority, explains on the EfficienSea2 website:

“In order for digital services to truly be beneficial at sea, there is no question about the need for interoperability and globalisation, but we cannot get that without having a shared reference. We are confident that this guideline will serve as that reference in the future.”

The ‘IALA guideline on the specification of e-Navigation technical services’ is presented under the umbrella of e-Navigation, but Thomas Christensen makes clear that the guideline can be used for many different kinds of services:

“The specification guideline is general and it will be very useful for a wide range of maritime services,” he says.

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