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Press Release: Martek Marine add MADS drone detection system to its product portfolio

PRESS RELEASE: Martek Marine is delighted to announce the addition of the Marine Anti Drone System (MADS), the world’s first marinised anti-drone detection system, to its impressive portfolio. MADS provides the latest technology to combat the increasing threat of unmanned aerial systems.

Martek Marine is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying marine equipment. Their extensive and wide-ranging portfolio includes gas and water ingress detection equipment, emissions monitoring systems and potable water test kits.

“We’re really excited to add the MADS drone detection system to our revolutionary product portfolio. With over 20 years in the maritime industry, this new product will provide the next level of ship safety protection for the growing threats that drones have on commercial ships.” said Stuart Ovington, Head of Global Sales, Martek Marine.

MADS identifies drones within a range of five kilometres, giving GPS positioning of drones and pilots, coupled with drone speed and direction. A series of alarms allows its users to quickly assess a threat and take action. On identifying a threat, MADS can create an exclusion zone, stopping a drone’s signals and forcing it to land or go back to its controller.

Drones are being increasingly used in the commercial and civilian sectors, and over the next five years, their worth is estimated to reach a staggering $127 billion. While many are used legitimately in the marine industry to provide essential information about safety, structural issues and cargo, the threat of them being used for disreputable purposes such as hacking or stealing data or terrorism is real and increasing.

Speaking about the agreement, Erik van Wilsum, Head of CUAS (Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems) at MADS said: “I am excited to be working alongside Martek, a company with vast experience in the maritime industry and with a deep understanding of the latest security issues facing anyone in this sector. Use of MADS will provide operators with the information they need to make the shipping world a safer place, now and in the future.”

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