Press Release: UKHO speeds up tide data access for shipowners

Press release: The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, UKHO,  is introducing regular tidal data updates to Admiralty TotalTide as part of its digital publications.

ATT helps mariners to make fast, accurate tidal height and tidal stream predictions for more than 7,000 ports and 3,000 tidal streams worldwide. Version 18 will allow the UKHO to send new tidal data to mariners through ATT on a more frequent basis, moving away from the previous annual update cycle. This will help to ensure mariners have access to the latest tidal data when making predictions.

As part of ADP Version 18, certificates will now show ATT’s update status in the same format as ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights (ADLL) and ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals to support compliance. In addition to this update the UKHO has also added its ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENP) updates on to the ADP weekly update disc, increasing the frequency with which the new AENP data reaches the mariner.

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