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Rudder Propeller Optimised With Epoxy Resin Coating

Propulsion and steering specialist Schottel has optimised its Rudder Propellers with a coating process to enhance corrosion protection and greater resistance to abrasion.

The components of the propulsion units that are underwater are coated with layers of two-component epoxy resin that gives over twice the abrasion resistance and 60% greater adhesion than conventional coatings.  For the above water sections, Schottel has used a dense and durable two component polyurethane coating.

The coatings are less environmentally damaging both during production and with the vessel itself.  The paint does not contain many volatile organic compounds and solvents and the coatings are harmless to aquatic life.  Furthermore, the coatings inhibit the adhesion of marine organisms to enhance durability and efficiency.

The coatings now used by Schottel meet the requirements of the highest corrosion protection class C5-M.

If required, the coatings can be self-polished and an antifouling final coat applied.  The new coatings can also be combined with paints of older generations.

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