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Ship and port coordination: Digital Enabler of the Year 2017

THE STM Validation project is somewhat different from other EU funded projects. Its results have become tangible, despite the somewhat ambitious targets it has set itself.

The number of companies supporting it from within the maritime industry that see a clear benefit from involvement is testament to this potential. Ports, ECDIS manufacturers, training institutes, ship operators, traffic management centres and authorities have all been co ordinating a number of sub-projects under what was originally the Mona Lisa project in 2010.

The third iteration of the project was STM Validation project (A fourth has now been announced to run from 2018 to 2020).

STM Validation has made some notable achievements during its project run. It has co ordinated simulator training centres, making them more connected and able to create simultaneous training exercises. It created and demonstrated a prototype voyage planning sharing arrangement to enable vessels, and vessel traffic management, to understand other vessels proposed routes and better determine where and when vessels could come into close proximity.

It has also led to strong interest in commercialisation port collaborative decision making, where ports take a leaf out of the airport industry’s book in terms of sharing craft movement, estimated time of arrivals ad other critical information to allow all players in a port or harbour to plan and therefore expediate a vessel’s time in port.

This multi-faceted open playing field approach by the Prt CDM was one of the main reasons the judges at the Fathom Smart Ship Awards voted the project the Digitl Enabler of the Year this year.

The Digital Enabler was one of four categories in the Fathom Smart Ship Awards 2017. The others were Start-up of the year (won by ZS Wellness) Digital solution of the year (Won by NAPA for its Fleet Intelligence Solution) and Digital Changemaker (won by Hege Skryseth, Kongsberg)



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