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The Shipping & Sustainability Files: The Startups

Why startups need guts, a network and other thoughts from the latest Fathom World/Oceans Arena co-hosted Clubhouse meetup

In the Shipping and Sustainability meetup on Clubhouse on Monday 15th March two entrepreneurs behind two completely different start-up stories shared their experiences and their journeys with the discussion group audience, who also offered their comments and experiences.

Tor Østervold, with his brother, founded ECOsubsea in 2008 in Norway, ECOsubsea is a company delivering sustainable hull cleaning where the focus is on collecting everything that is cleaned off a ship’s underwater hull and making sure it is disposed of safely. After winning entrepreneurship awards Tor focused on growing his business sustainably rather than going for quick gains based on the media attention he received.
Constantine Komodromos co-founded Vesselbot, a data driven company focused on vessel efficiency in 2015 in Greece. With a growing range of intelligence tools powered today with AI, the company offers a range of stakeholders, from charterers to operators, insights to make fleet and vessel improvements.
Both talked to Fathom World’s Craig Eason and Gina Panayiotou founder of Oceans Arena and It’s All About shipping, along with other visitors to the Clubhouse room to share experiences.
The notes below are neither verbatim, nor attributed to any particular guest or contributor to the discussion. The Shipping & Sustainability discussions on Clubhouse are free to attend and participation and debate/discussion is welcome. 

Clubhouse is currently available only on iOS (iPhone and iPad). One also needs an invitation to join. If you would like an invitation and wish to participate in Shipping & Sustainability and the thousands of other Clubs and discussions on Clubhouse then get in touch. We may have some invites we can share.

“Sometimes I felt I was looking at a masterpiece in a museum, only I was the only one who could see it. When we started sustainability was not key, not back then.”

The Shipping & Sustainability Talks Tweet

"The saying is, one starts with ones own savings and then by going to friends, family, fans and fools."

The Shipping & Sustainability Talks Tweet

The Shipping & Sustainability Show on Clubhouse is a joint undertaking from
Fathom World & Oceans Arena/It’s All About Shipping

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Craig Eason Stockholm
Craig Eason is the owner and editorial director of Fathom.World. He has a background in the shipping industry having started his career as a cadet on oil tankers and gas carriers before becoming a navigating officer on a range of vessel types. A change in career, with ensuing university studies, and he has now gained 20 years experience in written and broadcast journalism. He now is in demand as a knowledgeable and competent editor and event host and moderator, both for in-house events and ones for the public.

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