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SKF Launches Condition Monitoring System

SKF launched its new condition monitoring system with cloud connectivity at Posidonia 2016.

The SKF Marine CM Route Kit is designed to cut fleet downtime and improve efficiency through enabling predictive maintenance in applications across the sector.

It includes all the tools needed to implement condition monitoring techniques on-board ships and allows operators to adopt an integrated approach to condition based maintenance on their entire fleet.

The kit includes the SKF Microlog handheld monitoring device and dedicated marine software with marine typical equipment models.

It can be used on all vessel types in addition to offshore platforms.

For each asset it will gauge the overall vibration levels and will be able to identify possible issues, such as imbalance, misalignment, wear, mechanical looseness, and bearing and gear faults

The measurement data is securely transferred via satellite to the SKF One Global Cloud, where SKF’s Condition Monitoring (CM) expert remote diagnostic team can retrieve and analyse the assets data as part of its maintenance consulting services. Furthermore all data can easily be accessed by the chief engineer and fleet manager.

The SKF CM expert analysis output are the recommended actions of needed maintenance which are sent to the chief engineer to take the appropriate actions and to keep the assets running smooth and efficiently.

SKF Say that through the detection of the machine conditions that lead to failure, proactive remedial work can be carried out to extend maintenance intervals, eliminate potential breakdowns and ensure consistently high operational safety, while also enhancing service life and reducing repair costs considerably.

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