Startup Profile: Big Yellow Fish

It’s all a game! India’s BigYellowFish is combining game-based learning with psychology and data analytics to help reduce human error within the global maritime sector.

BigYellowFish has been operational since March 2019. Co-founder and CEO Kunal Pancholi calls it an enterprise application platform that integrates employee wellbeing, microlearning, and collaboration into the flow of work to empower the human element, save costs and increase productivity. The platform was established to help address the fact that so many maritime accidents, some 90% according to insurance companies, are due to human error, and current solutions are not always working (well that’s BYF position anyway).

A key component of the company’s offering is Yellowbox, an application residing on the Bigyellowfish platform that leverages gamification, psychology and data analytics to facilitate improvements in behaviour-based performance standards. With its well-being, collaboration and micro-learning modules available as a single integrated product or as individual components, Yellowbox provides game-based learning to help develop core behavioral skills while providing personnel with on-demand support and coping mechanisms to help boost productivity.

Recognising that more than 70% of the maritime work-force is aged under 35, Yellowbox, the company website states, embraces “the digital shift that enables efficiency and effectiveness” while also saying it enables meaningful communication to improve situational awareness and establish a stronger management connect.

“The Yellowbox application is carved out specifically for the maritime sector, keeping in mind prevailing challenges and new age relevance to provide the [aforementioned] benefits [to] the maritime sector,” Pancholi says, reporting that the system is already in use with a number of shipping and non-shipping companies. “One of the greatest testimonies we have received is from crew [in the form of a more-than] 80% weekly engagement on the app,” he continues.

“The unique aspect about Yellowbox is the convergence of gamification, psychology, technology and data. Its simplicity, ease of usage and high engagement dynamics makes it stand apart from any competing product and, more importantly, it works towards providing measurable outcomes,” Pancholi says.

The team has experience of the maritime sector as well as psychology, data analytics and technology, and Bigyellowfish is an alumnum of the Trade & Transport corporate programme powered by Rainmaking in Hamburg. Additionally, the company was also a participant of last year’s PortXL accelerator in Rotterdam.

Meanwhile, in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the company has now “opened up [its] Wellbeing module for free access to companies in maritime” to help support their employees. More information, including the ability to book a demo of the platform, can be found on the Bigyellowfish website .

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