Study Reveals 202% ROI Possible for Preventive Maintenance

A recent study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, has shown that ABB’s Preventive Maintenance can yield a 202% return on investment (ROI).

Preventive maintenance involves maintaining and servicing equipment at regular intervals in line with manufacturer recommendations, rather than waiting to carry out reactive or corrective repairs. This means that the chance of equipment failure is reduced as maintenance is performed while it is still operational.

According to the study carried out by Forrester Consulting, a Total Economic Impact (TEI) assessment showed that companies using the Preventive Maintenance service model for turbochargers could save over US $780,000 over three years by avoiding unplanned downtime.  Also avoiding catastrophic failure could result in savings of more than US $1.1 million over the same period.

By carrying out preventive maintenance, the financial benefits can be greater than doing ‘corrective maintenance’ and can give immediate payback.

Interviews carried out with engineers revealed that a single turbocharger failure could compromise efficiency and cause delays, while non serving turbochargers at all or using non-OEM parts could lead to component failure that could render a ship immobile. This would require expensive parts, costly rescues and potentially months of lost operations.

Customers were also interviewed and stated that ABB’s Preventive Maintenance approach had improved the safety and efficiency of their operations and helped avoid the risk of serious incidents at sea.

Other benefits of preventive maintenance also include high quality information on turbocharger performance, better care, maintenance scheduling that minimises vessel downtime, and service always being provided by ABB’s own certified engineers and technicians. In addition, service records of all actions are always available in ABB’s customer product database for future reference and for planning maintenance schedules.

Rolf Bosma, Head of Service Sales, ABB Turbocharging, commented: “Preventive maintenance is vital for sustained turbocharger performance, but also to ensure operational reliability and safety. Operating in such a rapidly evolving market environment, it remains important for us to keep looking ahead, so we are also exploring exposure-based and predictive maintenance offerings, for their potential to further enhance our customers’ operations.”

The full study – “The Total Economic Impact of ABB Preventive Maintenance” can be accessed by clicking here.

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