Top 5 vendors in the global ballast water management market

Market research firm, Technavio, has announced the top five leading vendors in the global ballast water management market.

The firm states that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 31% through 2021.  Tough regulations on managing ballast water, the increase in leisure cruising, a shift in oil and gas operations to deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration and production, unintentional spread of invasive marine species, increased trade activities, and a small expansion in the global marine vessel fleet size are expected to contribute to the growth rate of the ballast water management market.

According to Technavio, here are the top 5 competitors in the market today:  

1. Alfa Laval 

The Swedish company has type approval from both the IMO and the USCG for its PureBallast BWTS.  Over 1,250 PureBallast systems have been sold to date, according to the company. Its system it applicable to both newbuilds and retrofits and uses a UV reactor and a filtration system to remove small and large organisms.

2. GEA Group

GEA Group manufacturers the BallastMaster ultraV BWTS.  It has type approval from the IMO and AMS acceptance from the USCG. The 2-stage system combines mechanical pre-filtration with disinfecting of the ballast water by UV-C. In this process, no chemicals are used and no hazardous by-products are created.

3. Hitachi

Hitachi’s ballast water purification system, ClearBallast, purifies ballast water by combining magnetic separation technology and coagulation to remove plankton and bacteria.  A magnetic separator is used to remove the algae. ClearBallast does not use disinfectants so the risk of residual chemicals causing secondary contamination is removed.

4. Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia focusses on water treatment technologies, particularly in bilge water treatment, wastewater treatment, and fresh water and process water treatment. Veolia Water Technologies is present in the global ballast water management market through its product and solution technologies. Veolia’s subsidiary, RWO, supplies BWTS, CleanBallast, using a discfilter and EctoSys disinfection unit.

5. Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä provides two BWTS to the marine market.  Aquarius EC, which uses filtration and electrochlorination and is IMO type approved and USCG AMS accepted.  Aquarius UV uses filtration and UV irradiation and no active substances to treat ballast water.  It is also type approved by the IMO and is accepted as an AMS system by the USCG.

The top 22 leading vendors in the global ballast water management market can be viewed on the report, which is available to purchase here.


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