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USCG addresses risk of simultaneous operations

The United States Coast Guard has released a marine notice on the guidance of an optional, formal operational risk assessment to help the marine industry carry out LNG bunkering safely with other simultaneous operations (SIMOPS). 

  • USCG states that it has concerns regarding SIMOPS while bunkering LNG fuel. SIMOPS include passenger embarkation/debarkation, loading ships’ stores, discharging waste, loading/discharging consumables, ship maintenance/repair, hull cleaning and more.
  • It has released a notice that can be used as a tool to shipowners and operators to help with the risk of SIMOPS while LNG bunkering and carry out an optional risk assessment of their SIMOPS.
  • Notice encourages LNG suppliers to engage early with Captains of the Port to help identify anticipated risks and mitigation measures.

Read more on the USCG notice.


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