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VIDEO: MAN Propulsion Upgrade Retrofit Project Insight

MAN Diesel & Turbo recently released a video that demonstrates how a propulsion upgrade project achieved fuel savings and emissions reductions by more than 20%.

Odfjell tank owner and terminal company and MAN Diesel & Turbo have been working together to upgrade the propulsion systems of nineteen vessels in the Odfjell fleet.

The propulsion system upgrades included improvements to the propeller, the rudder and the system as a whole.  The rudder bulb, which extends into the hub, makes the flow more streamlined from the propeller to the rudder to give improved efficiency.  Engine power limitation (EPL) and a change of gear ratio of the power take out (PTO) for the shaft generator was also part of the upgrade.

Sea trials showed that the outcome of fuel savings was over 20%. This represents a  5-10% higher value than expected and previous fuel savings.

This means that the efficiency of vessels can move from a D grade in Rightship’s greenhouse gases (GHG) environmental rating to an A – the highest grade attainable.

According to the energy efficiency improvements, the Bow Flora has now joined the five most energy efficient vessels in the world.

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