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Video: The Magnus Effect Explained

Wind-assisted propulsion innovators Norsepower recently Tweeted a video link from their Twitter account (@norsepowerltd) for a fascinating video that demonstrates how the Magnus effect works.

It is the Magnus effect that powers Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution.

The Magnus Effect is what happens when a spinning balls moves through the air. From Encyclopaedia Britannica, “… the drag of the side of the ball turning into the air (into the direction the ball is traveling) retards the airflow, whereas on the other side the drag speeds up the airflow. Greater pressure on the side where the airflow is slowed down forces the ball in the direction of the low-pressure region on the opposite side, where a relative increase in airflow occurs.”

Read the original article here: http://www.m2now.co.nz/this-is-the-magnus-effect/

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