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Waste Heat Recovery Project To Prove 8% Fuel Efficiency Potential

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is planning a new project to demonstrate and deliver a waste heat recovery system to increase fuel efficiency by at least 8%. They are currently seeking industry partners for the project.

Waste heat recovery is an innovative way of taking waste heat and turning it into energy and at the same time reducing emissions. For instance, using heat and pressure in the exhaust gas can be used to drive turbines and operate generators, reducing the hot gas that is otherwise emitted into the atmosphere as waste.

Successful respondents to the project will demonstrate the benefits of the technology on a full scale ship and will be expected to manage procurement and manufacture the system.  Longer term, the technology should show capability to function on a range of ships including chemical tankers, general cargo vessels, container feeders, offshore support vessels and RoRo passenger ships.

The project commissioned by the ETI is just one of many which aims to reduce emissions and increase efficiency of ships. The UK public-private partnership includes members such as Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Shell, and the Innovate UK.

Paul Trinick, Project Manager for heavy duty vehicle marine waste heat recovery system, commented: “We have identified improved waste heat recovery systems as one way of reducing the emissions and increasing the efficiency of shipping. We are keen to work with organisations who will be able to demonstrate the commercial viability of the waste heat recovery system.”

Proposals must be submitted by 30th June 2016 with notification of intention to submit by 28th April 2016.

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