Weathernews Establishes Total Offshore Project Support Team

Press Release: The push for renewable energy has led to a surge in the number of companies advancing into the offshore wind power industry in recent years, resulting in an increase in the demand for maritime meteorological information. Meanwhile, Weathernews has been offering support for some aspects of the offshore wind power business, including provision of assistance mainly to marine transport companies in the selection of optimum routes for vessels carrying construction equipment and materials as well as power generation forecast to power companies. In response to said increase in demand, Weathernews established the Total Offshore Project Support Team, recognizing the need for the provision of support by specialized staff and the development of more advanced services.





The new team will provide comprehensive meteorological support for all aspects of offshore wind power projects, ranging from feasibility studies and project planning to construction, logistics, operation and maintenance. It will also work on the development of an AI-based high-resolution prediction model to enable site-specific forecasts of winds, waves and currents using 1~2km mesh in order to provide detailed services.


Launching a New Business Designed for the Offshore Wind Power Market


The global push for the adoption of renewable energy for the achievement of a sustainable society is causing more companies to advance into the offshore wind power business, which in turn is resulting in an increase in demand for meteorological information geared specifically toward the business.


Meanwhile, Weathernews and its predecessor Oceanroutes have been providing support not only to maritime transport companies but also to shippers and shipowners for a cumulative total of approximately 50 years, offering business support in various areas that include navigation, oil field development in the North Sea, large-scale offshore construction, airport construction, and operations related to floating production, storage and offloading units. The Company also provides services, such as wind power generation forecasts, to power companies. Weathernews established the Total Offshore Project Support Team within its Maritime Meteorology Business Department in order to leverage its track record and have a specialized team provide support for various operations related to offshore wind generation. Diverse staff comprising various nationalities provide round-the-clock support globally to companies.


Comprehensive Support for Offshore Wind Power Projects through Phase-Specific Meteorological Services The Total Offshore Project Support Team will provide comprehensive support through meteorological services specific to various phases of a project, starting from feasibility studies and projecting planning and standing all the way to construction, logistics, operation and maintenance.


In the feasibility study phase, the Team will analyze wind and wave data for the past few decades to select highly feasible locations for installing a power generation facility. In the process planning phase, the Team will statistically calculate the number of days available to work based on the meteorological data accumulated in the weather database to assist with the formulation and revision of monthly process plan. Upon commencement of construction, the Team will provide pinpoint wind and wave forecast for the construction site to help ensure work takes place safely by avoiding periods of high-risk weather events. Once the construction of the power generation facility is completed, the Team will provide power generation forecasts and operability information for workboats using high-resolution prediction models to assist with operation and maintenance.


Weathernews is currently working on the development of an AI-based high-resolution prediction model for winds, waves and currents. The prediction model will enable localized expression of the varying intensities of winds, waves and currents at five to ten times the resolution of conventional models. Weathernews will be utilizing this prediction model to provide detailed services tailored to offshore wind power projects.


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