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Wind Propulsion Forum to be Hosted at SMM 2016

The International Windship Association (IWSA) will host its annual Wind Propulsion Innovation Forum at the SMM2016 trade fair in Hamburg next month.

The Innovation Forum spans all four days of the conference, 6th-9th September and will play host to discussion and debate around how wind propulsion as key to the future of sustainable shipping.

A broad spectrum of wind propulsion technology providers and ship development projects will be showcasing the latest developments in Rotor technology, Suction Wing, Dynarig and various Hard Sail technologies during the forum. There will also be presentations from the latest studies by leading academics specialising in maritime wind propulsion from the University of Tokyo, Strathclyde and Manchester, the Marine Institute of the Netherlands (MARIN) Emden Leer Hochschule and CE Delft.

Panel discussions will cover all aspects of commercial wind propulsion –the Drivers and Incentives to Finance, Barriers & Solutions; Complementary Technologies, Ship Design, Ports and the Media. Panellists come from across the industry including Katherine Palmer, Environmental Manager at Lloyds Register, Kjartan Ross, Business Development Manager, Propeller & Aft Ship at MAN Diesel & Turbo, Dr. Orestis Schinas, Professor for Shipping and Ship Finance at HSBA, Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine, Good Fuels, Sara Skold, Shipping Sustainability Consultant at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, Manfred Lebmeier,Head of environmental and spatial strategy, Hamburg Port Authority,  and Craig Eason, Deputy Editor of Lloyds List , among others.

“The Innovation Forum at SMM2016 is an opportunity for the industry to engage with the emerging trend of wind propulsion. Over four days, we will see a wide range of credible technical solutions, debate the issues and set the tone for collaboration for the future development of the sector” said Gavin Allwright, IWSA General Secretary.

The Forum will be located just in front of the main IWSA booth 301 at the SMM trade fair, in the new ‘Green Propulsion Hall’ A5.

The full schedule is available at  http://wind-ship.org/en/iwsa-smm2016

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