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WinGD Showcases Two-Stoke Marine Engine & Techs at CIMAC

Winterhur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) has unveiled its latest two-stroke engine as well its other technologies and strategies that are being developed for efficient shipping at the CIMAC 2016 congress held this week in Helsinki, Finland.

The company will submit eight papers to the congress, showing the technologies and efficient shipping solutions that WinGD is making available to the maritime market.  The first paper focussing on the two-stroke engine, titled ‘The two-stroke low-pressure dual-fuel technology: from concept to reality’, will showcase the development of WinGD’s technology and its ability to comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III targets related to nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions without additional exhaust gas after-treatment.

Another paper relating to the development of modern low-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines will also be submitted, but from the engine designers point of view.  This presentation will discuss how current market conditions, power, speed and efficiency requirements, are critical to the design process of such engines.

In addition, the congress will hear how selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which has traditionally been used on four-stroke engines, is being developed by WinGD for use on two-stroke engines.

WinGD will also present a paper on its commitment to modern training and the methods and aids it uses to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.  The W-Xpert Simulator for instance is used to provide self-learning training methods that are quick, intuitive, cost efficiency and motivating to help ship owners remain flexible and competitive in the market.

Mr Dominik Schneiter, Vice President of Research & Development, commented: “WinGD are very excited to present these papers at 2016 CIMAC in Helsinki, and look forward to an exciting and lively discussion of all presentations. Our senior experts will be glad to provide additional information throughout the congress about WinGD’s technology and projects.”

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