June 3rd, Seminar Room 1A (Hall 1) Posidonia Exhibition Centre, Athens

1030 to 1430

Workshop participation invite

From Optima-X and Fathom World


How you can make a difference

There is a growing interest, and demand, for increased collaboration and relationship building in the maritime and marine sectors. These coming years have been described by many as the decade of change.

To ensure that this collaborative transformation progresses both quickly and beneficially for all, there is the need for better relationship building, both regionally and nationally.

As the Greek and South East Mediterranean maritime cluster builds towards this future decade from centuries of experience, Optima-X, in conjunction with the Greece Ministry of Investments and Development, is working on building a hub of excellence. As one of the ongoing developments in this journey Optima-X has teamed up with Fathom World to develop a series of initial points of contact with the necessary five pillars needed for success.

This limited workshop will help detail the basis for the collaborative development within the regional and international clusters as we face the need for agile, sustainable and efficient actors and industries.

Workshop participants will come from industry, start-ups, government, finance and academia.

Participation is free and open, but by invite due to the need to get the right balance of organisations, and due to limited space.

Engagement is crucial

If you are the expert, or you are the one seeking collaboration, or you are the one looking for regional and local platforms that are engaged internationally then this workshop is for you.

If you wish to participate and meet with the minds of the future, we will require your participation, to develop a series of mentored questions and responses which will help shape the 4 hours on June 3rd.

The objective of the workshop is to build the questions and find the answers to successful collaboration and innovation.

What do the five pillars need and what can they offer each other to build a strong dynamic cluster that supports innovation and growth?

We will be sending you more details, but your participation ahead of the workshop will be crucial to the success of it

On the day

June 3rd 2020 (1030 to 1430).Seminar Room 1A, Hall 1 Posidonia Exhibition Centre, Athens, Greece. Click on the downloaded plan below of the Posidonia exhibition halls to find the workshop location.

Venue hall location

We will launch the workshop with a series of thought provoking perspectives, including success stories, from the regulators, the investors, the large corporates that have already begun their journey into agile development, and the start-ups that have found their solutions in demand.

The programme will then utilise your prior thoughts to develop the ideal road for success in the maritime future. The pre-event online development will likely incorporate more people than will attend the workshop, which will be limited to about 40 participants.

Outcomes: The outcomes of the workshop will be available to all participants free of charge (Both those present in the workshop room and those that agreed to participate in the online engagement before June 3).

Costs: Optima-X and Fathom.world will be unable to cover any travel or accommodation costs (unless sponsored by a client), and access to the Posidonia exhibition halls is free to attend, pending registration.

Confirmation: Places are limited to 40. Please confirm as soon as possible your willingness to participate in this dynamic opportunity as we incubate the content for the workshop and the future of regional innovation and collaboration ahead of June 3rd.

To be considered for this workshop Please confirm by email to craig.eason@fathom.world

 We look forward to hearing from you.

Programme details will be added as the programme is confirmed with thought leaders and confirmed participants.