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Zero Emissions Cargo Ship to Be Unveiled This Week

A state-of-the-art zero-emissions multi-access cargo ship design is expected to be unveiled by the Fair Winds Trading Company (FWTC) at the 5th Natural Propulsion Seminar in Wageningen, Netherlands this week.

Based on the ancient Prao; a multi hull cargo sailing ship of the South Pacific, the newly designed PraoCargo vessel will be built of sustainable sources, biodegradable natural materials and will use minimum technology to keep costs low.  The ship will be propelled by one self-trimming sail and will be virtually energetically autonomous thanks to the use of solar wind and hydraulic energy.

The PraoCargo ship design has a shallow loaded draught of 4-6m depending on rudder position, minimum heeling and can maneuver under sail in shallow waters. The ship is designed with a maximum speed of 25kts, and an average speed of 13kts under sail, backed up with an electric motor drive system.

The idea of FWTC’s PraoCargo ship is to access to goods without adding to the negative impact of establishing ports in fragile coastal regions.  This low impact sail cargo ship will be capable of transporting from remote low infrastructure points of production, such as micro ports, estuaries and beaches to points of purchase.

The modified design will also feature modern technologies and will comply with specific requirements such as the SOLAS regulation.  Furthermore, its simple design means it is easy to repair and therefore accessible to people in developing countries.

Madadh MacLaine, founder and CEO of Fair Winds Trading Company, commented: “Our aim is, not only to achieve a zero negative impact method of sea transport, but also to demonstrate to commercial shipping and the market that this is not only do-able but desirable.”

Alain Guillard, the naval architect and designer of the ship has recently built a 12-metre model of the intended ship on which he is currently transporting gravel to test her functionality in the Gulf de Morbihan, France.

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