About Fathom.World

Fathom.World aspires to be the place you can find the latest news about the transformation of the maritime and ocean industries. Our industries are subject to social, regulatory and economic pressures that are rapidly reshaping how business is undertaken. We focus on the changes and developments that influence shipping companies, their suppliers and partners. Our aim is to be impartial, fair and accurate in our reporting.

Our content consists of unique content for those needing to know the latest developments in creating a sustainable ocean and shipping space, and the stories of the people actively engaged in this transformation (from the ships’ crews to the regulatory and lobby group figureheads).

We also reprint/republish industry press releases and statements without embellishment, but as a representative view of events in our industry, as seen from a company (or often its PR company’s) perspective.

Fathom.World is part of Fathom Media, owned by Craig Eason, a former deep sea navigation officer and BBC journalist currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. He spends his time moderating industry events, meeting interesting people, indulging in photography, and generally keeping his finger on the pulse of change.