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This regular podcast is powered by Fathom World and hosted by Craig Eason – a former sailor, broadcast journalist and now maritime journalist, editor and event host. Aronnax delves into the transformation of the ocean and maritime industries as they face some of their greatest sustainability challenges to date. It focuses on technology, the environment and the digital enablers that help drive our quest for sustainable and equitable ocean use. Find out more on this fascinating topic by visiting the site, signing up to our weekly newsletter and following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why call is Aronnax?

Pierre Aronnax is a man of science and of the seas. He is a main protagonist in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  (Vingt mille lieues sous les mers). Set in the first person from the point of view of Aronnax, the tale tells about the fantastic technology of a environmentally friendly vessel (The Nautilus), the ocean environment the story sends its heroes through, and the lives of Captain Nemo and his crew. Like the eponymous Aronnax, the podcast also focuses on telling the news and stories around the ocean industries, the technologies, the environment and the people who work in them. 


How to Listen to Aronnax

To listen to Aronnax, either choose your favourite App (click on a link below) or scroll through the catalogue underneath and play episodes from this webpage.

Want your own podcast?

Get yourself heard. Having the ability to deliver a story in today’s multimedia, multi-channel world is important. Not only do individuals with these messages, but companies and organisations, need to build the right feeling, the right voice around this.

As a radio producer and journalist with experience in professional broadcasting, Craig Eason can help you with your message. Not only help with shaping a story,  but with honing it and finding the best way for it to be delivered and listened to.

Meet Craig Eason


Craig is owner and editorial director of Fathom World, a niche but highly regarded provider of news and information relating to the changes in the maritime sector. He is one of the leading and mostly highly respected journalists in the global maritime and shipping industries and has achieved exceptional engagement with his breadth and depth of understanding of the people and the industry. His career also spans a formal education as a broadcast journalist and work within the BBC in the UK as a producer and newsreader, hence his continued interest in podcasts- the new radio.

He tends to get carried away with conversations that revolve around science, the sea and rugby.

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