Aronnax (with ReFlow): Life Cycle Thinking (Episode 6) The future with Christopher Rex

This is the final episode of the six part mini series produced in co operation with Re-Flow, where Rasmus Elsborg Jensen (ReFlow)and Craig Eason (Fathom) talk life cycle thinking, ships fuels and circularity.

Life cycle assessments are becoming big business in manufacturing. This is not something that shipping companies and other transport and logistics providers can ignore as LCA’s call on an understanding of a company’s scope 3 emissions (those made by a supplier as it performs the service required of it).


So what of the future? As shipping decarbonises the importance of emissions accounting will play an important role, as will circularity, the ability to reuse parts of a vessel, or to maintain it, or scrap it (and order a new one).

In this episode Rasmus and I talk with Christopher Rex, Head of Innovation at Danish Ship Finance about the restructuring of our industry in the face of global trends.


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