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The design has flettner rotors that can give 100% thrust, hydrogen compressed gas, H2 combustion engine, fuel cells, batteries, shore power, waste heat recovery and advanced power management systems

HeidelbergCement and Felleskøpet (A Norwegian farm co-operative) have joined forces to get a ship built that will meet some of their future needs. Both companies say transport emissions can be more than half their product emissions in some cases, so recognising the pressure they are going to be under to account for emissions, they have put pressure n the shipping industry to give them a solution.


The reward is a 15 year charter on the vessel and an agreement that they will deal with the fuel security, which they have done with a fuel delivery contract.


The result of their request comes from Norwegian shipowner Rederi Egil Ulvan, and Norwegian Ship Design (it’s name tells you what it does).


The design has now been given approval in principle from Lloyd’s Register. AiPs are being announced quite regularly it seems as designers and industry tentatively move the needle for change higher.


This episode of the Aronnax Podcast brings together shipowner, ship designer, the two cargo owners, and Lloyd’s Register to look at the story of With Orca, that’s the name the vessel will take, what the AiP means, and what it may mean for shipping, Norway and the confidence to change.


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