Aronnax: Baltic Sea Insights 2 (onboard Finnlady)

The Baltic Sea has huge economic, social and political importance. The ship’s that sail it and the environmental work to save it are oft forgotten cogs in these machinations.


In this first of three episodes I take three trips on three routes operated by Finnlines to talk to the crew about their careers and their views of the future. and to experts about the Baltic and work to clean it up and ensure its economic value can be sustainably achieved.


This second part includes a visit to Helcom to discuss the issues of the poor environmental health of the Baltic Sea, unexploded ordnance and Russia, and then my conversations onboard Finnline’s Finnlady while we travelled South.


More details about the trip including photos and video clips can be found on


Many thanks to Finnlines for letting me travel on their vessels and to give me such open access to the crew and to Sea Focus and the Intelligence Hunt programme who helped make it possible


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