Just like many other industries shipping is under a lot of pressure to measure, report and transform. Companies in all industries need to know their environmental/emissions footprint and will increasingly be called on to prove it, which means becoming part of the objectives of circularity.


    This unique six-part mini series from Fathom World in conjunction with ReFlow is an opportunity for anyone in the maritime, shipping and logistics sector to understand why it will soon not be enough to just report emissions, but to give stakeholders a lot more informed insight into key tier three emissions and how they engage with the challenges of circularity.

    Produced in partnership with ReFlow

    Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, ReFlow is a software solution provider of an AI integrated environmental platform, to help users find their most accurate carbon footprint. ReFlow utilises second-generation lifecycle-based assessments– meaning it values a digital, scientific, granular approach compared to traditional assessments.


    While originally maritime-based, the young company has received interest across a range of industries and heard their concerns and demands for reducing their overall emissions in the transition to a greener circular economy.


    ReFlow has already been working with some of the largest brands within maritime, but now you can find the company empowering an array of other companies across industries throughout their value chain, from construction to cosmetics, via its easy-to-use digital platform.


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