Amasus Shipping picks bound4blue to install wind assist on vessel

Following success with previous trial installations Spanish wind assist technology grows with new order

Netherlands based short sea shipping company Amasus Shipping is the latest shipping company to announce plans to use wind assist technology as part of its plans to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel bills.


The short sea ro-ro and general cargo vessel operator has signed a deal with Spanish wind assist company bound4blue to install the technology company’s suction sail, or eSail, on a 2,850dwt vessel EEMS Traveller.


The agreement is for a pair of 17-meter high structures to be retrofitted on the 91 metre vessel later this year.


Bound4blue claim the two tower like structures could produce enough thrust from the wind for EEMS Traveller to see emissions savings of up to 30% when sailing under optimal conditions.


A  suction sails work by creating a pressure difference around their structures in a similar way to how aircraft wings creating lift, but being mounted vertically this natural force creates forward motion or thrust which means vessel engines can be run at lower, or more efficient, loads using up less fuel.


Like all international shipping Amasus Shipping has an eye on IMO emissions reduction legislation that will come into force next year, notably the requirements for continually changing Carbon Intensity Indicator and the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI).


The Delfzijl, Netherlands, based shipping company has a fleet of over 50 vessels ranging in size from 850 dwt to 8888 dwt.


See below for a recent episode of the Aronnax Podcast featuring two of the founders.


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