Aronnax: CO2 as a growth cargo

Carbon capture and storage, the process of catching industrial CO2 emissions and then storing them (sequestering them underground is seen by the IEA as a vital decarbonisation tool. Norway agrees and is supporting the efforts of Equinor, Shell, and Total as they see this as a key tool for reducing CO2 emissions from their oil and gas production. (It is promoted as storage as a service, where they have emptied the oil and gas wells and can refill them with CO2). Cement makers also see the potential.



But given the distances and volumes, there needs to be a CO2 transport chain and according to experts such as Hisham Al Baroudi at Cranfield University, large-scale shipping is the answer. Al Baroudi and others recently issued a review of large-scale shipping and marine management for CCUS.



In this episode we hear about industrial CO2 capture plans and Craig Eason, Aronnax host and editorial director of Fathom World, spoke to Al Baroudi to get a sense of the scale of shipping that could be needed as CCUs picks up.



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