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A Blue Ocean Economy List

The growth of ocean start-up clusters is accelerating at a great pace. Around the world there is a growing recognition that new ideas are not only needed, but actually welcome in a growing number of ocean-related economies and fields.

Earlier on Fathom:News we have highlighted some of them. But now two different sources have produced detailed lists to show the evolution of ocean related startups (whether sustainable ideas that support the UN sustainable development goals, or clusters, incubators or accelerators building support platforms for start-ups in the maritime, shipping, ports, logistics, energy or ocean food industries).

The latest list focuses on the clusters in North America and comes from a blog called the Liquid Grid. The website lists 26 maritime or ocean related clusters in North America in details.

A few weeks ago Leonardo Zangrando from the London-based Start-up Wharf published this graphic highlighting the growth in ocean ideas from a maritime perspective.


If you have other lists, or knowledge of other maritime, ocean or other related accelerators, incubators, clusters and centres, we would love to hear from you.


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