Bureau Veritas joins the Maritime Battery Forum


Press Release:  Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has joined the Maritime Battery Forum (MBF), a global network aimed at supporting the development and deployment of batteries within the maritime industry.

Being part of the Forum will enable BV to collaborate on the development of a standardized safety framework for on-board batteries, together with other companies and organizations from different parts of the battery value chain. Moreover, the membership will give BV the opportunity to join key partnerships, such as the Battery Safety Joint Industry Project (JIP) to help accelerate the ramp-up and adoption of on-board battery systems.

Batteries present unique opportunities for shipping, as the industry explores a variety of options to support its decarbonisation ambitions and ensure compliance with new emissions reduction regulations. This fast-evolving market can give ship owners a competitive advantage, enable shipyards to gain expertise, and open new markets for equipment manufacturers. However, challenges remain to be addressed on the key aspects of safety, cost, installation and battery lifecycle. BV considers batteries and hybrid electric propulsion as relevant decarbonization solutions for a number of cases in the shipping industry.


Paul Delouche, Director of Strategy & Advanced Services at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, commented: “Batteries are part of the growing list of solutions to achieve carbon-neutral shipping. We are very pleased to join the MBF. Being a member will enable BV to expand our expertise in this fast-moving area. Our role as a class society is to bring together different stakeholders and help find solutions for the industry. The Forum is a perfect opportunity for us to help accelerate the technologies and their integration onboard large vessels.”


Bureau Veritas has created Rules for battery-powered ships, which are updated every six months to reflect the latest technical and safety developments. BV currently offers three notations for battery-powered vessels: BATTERY SYSTEM covers the safe installation and use of batteries, ELECTRIC HYBRID is for vessels using a combination of diesel engines and batteries, and the ELECTRIC HYBRID PREPARED notation is for ships designed to have batteries installed in the future.

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