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Commitment to push for a future ban of HFO in the Arctic gathers support

The Clean Arctic Alliance and Norwegian cruise firm Hurtigruten have signed the Arctic Commitment to push for ban of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic.

  • “The Arctic Commitment” was signed by Hurtigruten CEO, Daniel Skjeldam, and lead advisor to the Clean Arctic Alliance, Dr Sian Prior.
  • Finnish state owned icebreaker operator, Arctia, is also signatory.
  • According to Skjeldam, Hurtigruten has chosen not to use HFO on any of its ships, stating that “If heavy fuel oil is spilled in cold Arctic waters, it will have larger consequences than anywhere else. The Arctic deserves sustainable growth and innovation, and the industry needs to move first.”
  • HFO has already been banned in the Antarctic and now the Clean Arctic Alliance is working towards a ban in the Arctic.

More information on the Arctic Commitment can be found here.


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