Double Award Success For Methanol-Powered Ferry Project

Stena Line is celebrating success after receiving two industry awards, the Shippax “Eco-Award” and a “Ship of the Year Award” at the European Marine Engineering Awards, in one week for its pioneering methanol-powered Ro-Pax ferry project.

In March 2015, Stena Line made history when introducing Stena Germanica as the world´s first Methanol powered passenger ferry.

Since March 2015 the Methanol project has been running as a pilot whereby the methanol-fuelled Stena Germanica has been closely monitored and evaluated. Stena Line report that results so far look promising.

To-date two engines have been fully converted for methanol fuel use and the remaining two are due to be converted in the coming months. Methanol has a substantially greener environmental profile than conventional marine fuels, when used in operation emissions of SOx and PM is reduced with about 90% and NOx with around 60%.

“Sustainability is a strategically important area for Stena Line and this is an important project, not only for us as a company but for the entire industry, as we need more long-term sustainable fuel alternatives in order to remain competitive,” said Niclas Mårtensson, Deputy CEO Stena Line.

The Shippax “Eco-Award” was received during a ceremony on the Ferry Shipping Conference, April 13 to 15, by Niclas Mårtensson.

The Ship of the Year Award was received during the European Marine Engineering Conference and Awards in Amsterdam, April 13 to 14,by Per Stefenson, Stena’s Project Manager for the Methanol project.

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