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Last Chance: Fleet Transformation – this month’s London event

With less than 2 weeks to go, it’s time to secure a hot seat to get on top of our changing industry at Fleet Transformation: The Event.

The shipping industry is operating in a different economic climate, bringing new challenges to the room every day. On top of this, a heightened awareness for shipping’s environmental footprint means that there are an array of technologies and strategies out there vying for shipowners and operators’ attention.

Which technology or solution will maximise operational efficiency, remain low in cost, and will allow for strategic financing? What is the digital transformation and how can businesses work with this change to get the best out of their operations?

These are difficult questions to answer, but Fleet Transformation: the event will give the opportunity for all involved in the industry to learn how the experts in the field have led their businesses to be successful in this environment.

After 6 years of successful 2-day events, Fleet Transformation: the event (formerly known as Ship Efficiency: the event) takes a fresh look at how maritime operations can be run at maximum efficiency in the economic reality of today. Register here today.

Some of the speakers include Knut Orbeck-Nilssen, CEO Maritime, DNVGL; Dr Tristan Smith, Lecturer, UCL Energy Institute & Shipping in Changing Climates; Inge Sandvik, Chief Digital Officer, Wilhelm Wilhelmsen; Monica Lundh, Senior Lecturer, Chalmers University; Sofia Furstenburg, Innovation & Sustainability Advisor and Maritime Director, BLOC. For a full list of the speakers, click here.

A conference pass is just £495 for two days, while shipowners and operators can enter for free.

Click here to find out more.


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