GHG deadlock at IMO


MEPC Day 4: Weak targets getting stronger, but a lot of vague language in draft texts

Member states at the IMO seem to be finding to find consensus regarding a revised greenhouse gas reduction strategy for shipping.


This meeting of the marine environment protection committee has been hailed as one of the most important in decades as civil society struggles with global warming and the devastating impacts of climate change.


Many activists and industry groups are keen to see the IMO develop an ambitious strategy where there is a clear goal zero emissions form shipping by 2050, and solid objectives at interim years such as 2030.


Draft texts seen by Fathom World earlier in the day indicated that this is not currently on the table with only soft wording such as attempting to decarbonise and to do so around mid-century taking into account different national circumstances.


More recent texts include a proposal that CO2 emissions per transport work of international shipping, are to decline by at least 40% by 2030, with the uptake of near-zero emission technologies, fuels and energy sources to reach at least 5% of the industry’s energy used.


Some ship owner groups have already said this is a favourable update as it gives clarification of and stimulate investment.


This text which is a draft form may still be amended by the working group participants, and will also be discussed by the MEPC plenary where no doubt further critique may be received, leading to other amendments.


The working group is also to work on how to set out impact assessments of the economic measures which most are certain will be needed to achieve whatever goals are set, and the new strategy to be agreed within two years, namely by 2025.


Should MEPC end without a decision for a strong decarbonisation strategy it could further strengthen regional efforts as well as work with outside bodies such as UNCLOS.

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