Global maritime technology network established to push innovation

The IMO has created a body to co ordinate the five technology co ordination centres it has established around the world with EU funds.

In 2015 the IMO announced it had received €10m in funding from the EU to establish the centres as a way to encourage global shipping to examine and take up technologies that would support the emissions reduction, or even carbonisation of, the industry. The centres have also been established as a way to help smaller IMO member states implement IMO regulations into national law, thus encouraging the take up of new and innovative technology.

The centres, known as MTCC’s (maritime technology Co-operation centres) are located in Kenya, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama and Fiji. Most are housed in existing maritime related institutions, mainly universities.

The five recently appointed directors of these MTCCs flew to London this week to sign an MoU to create the  network of the centres.

A statement from the IMO said: “The MTCCs are expected to provide leadership in promoting ship energy-efficiency technologies and operations, and the reduction of harmful emissions from ships. Through collaboration and outreach activities at regional level, the MTCCs will help countries develop national maritime energy-efficiency policies and measures, promote the uptake of low-carbon technologies and operations in maritime transport and establish voluntary pilot data-collection and reporting systems.”

“Today, we live in a world in which new technology seems poised to have a transforming impact on all our lives. Shipping is no exception. Technology holds the key to a safer and more sustainable future for shipping,” he said.

The IMO sees the network of centres (acronymed to GMN) supporting its work in meeting three of the UN sustainability goals . SDG13 relates to commitments to combat climate change and its impacts, SDG 7 pushes the creation of affordable, reliable, sustainable energy for all and SDG 9 which calls for action on industry, innovation and infrastructure.

The following signed the MoU and are in the photo:: Dr. Robert Kiplimo, Director, (MTCC-Africa); Prof. Jin Yongxing, Director, MTCC-Asia; Ms Vivian Rambarath-Parasram, Director, MTCC-Caribbean; Mr. Eladio Peñaloza, Head, MTCC-Latin America; and Mr. Thierry Nervale, Director, MTCC-Pacific.

Also present at the signing ceremony was Ms Magda Kopczynska, Director, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the European Commission.

Photos here.

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