What happens to approved equipment if the manufacturer goes out of business?

The Marine Safety Centre has submitted a document that explains what happens if a manufacturer of US Coast Guard type approved equipment goes out of business.

According to the submission, all equipment will remain approved as long as it is manufactured, installed, and operated according to the terms of the type approval certificate.

Maintenance and repairs to equipment must be performed in accordance with manuals and components specified as part of the type approval.

If equipment begins to stop operating correctly and replacement parts are no longer available, then the equipment will not be operating under type approval anymore and will have to be replaced.

Type approval certificates are valid for 5 years. After this, only the manufacturer listed on the certificate can request a renewal unless transferred. After 5 years, the certificate expires and the product is no longer approved for production. However, the items manufactured prior to its expiration will remain in approved status.

A different company may purchase the original manufacturer and want to remain type approved. To do this they must contact the USCG to see if the certificate can be updated to the new name and address.

Read more on the Coast Guard Maritime Commons website.


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