IBIA-Green Marine sign cooperation agreement to deliver methanol bunkering training

Press Release: The accelerating pace of the energy transition in shipping makes it essential that the industry provides support to the people who are part of this journey.


Training remains a key priority for IBIA as we move into a greener and more sustainable future addressing the needs of future manpower training and the future-proofing of the existing workforce.


To further the cause of a skilled and competent bunker workforce IBIA and GREEN MARINE have signed a cooperation agreement to develop a methanol bunkering training programme, with support from the Methanol Institute.


The cooperation agreement aims to provide for existing and future crew operating on bunker tankers and bunker surveyors are competent and ready for methanol bunkering on a larger scale. The plan is to commence the training in Singapore first and expanding globally in 2024.


In the first instance, IBIA and GREEN MARINE have worked together with the crew from the supplying tanker and the bunker surveyors involved in the methanol bunkering pilot in Singapore, identifying and plugging the training gaps and competency needs prior to the pilot.


“IBIA’s strategic focus on training is driven by the impending transformative changes in the maritime industry, especially concerning alternative fuel options for achieving environmental targets by 2030 and 2050. We are committed to equipping our members with essential knowledge and skills to navigate this evolving landscape successfully. Our exciting partnership with GREEN MARINE allows us to expand bunker-related courses, enriching educational opportunities. We are grateful for the Methanol Institute’s endorsement, which reinforces the importance of our training initiative and the dedication of industry leaders to a well-prepared maritime workforce. Through strategic training and partnerships, IBIA strives to steer the maritime community towards a greener and more sustainable future, fostering a cleaner, responsible, and resilient shipping industry.’’ said Timothy Cosulich, Chair of IBIA


“GREEN MARINE’s methanol training curriculum was created based on practical knowledge gathered over a decade of experience working on methanol dual fuel vessels. Our methanol specialists are captains and chief engineers with first-hand knowledge of working with methanol as marine fuel and the safe handling of same. Their experience includes services from methanol system design integration consultancy to newbuilding construction supervision, technical management, and operations. Our methanol training curriculum is supplementing baseline regulatory training requirements with practical, experience-based learning.” said Morten Jacobsen, CEO of GREEN MARINE


“We applaud GREEN MARINE’s ongoing efforts to support the development of methanol as a marine fuel, now together with IBIA, effectively creating the ‘gold standard’ for safe handling and bunkering.  These are still early days for alternative fuels, making it a necessity to collaborate on fundamental elements for their safe and efficient integration with the maritime supply chain, bunkering and on-board handling.  Such partnerships allow us as an industry to go further, faster, as we transition to a lower emissions environment,” said Chris Chatterton, Chief Operating Officer, the Methanol Institute.


Header image: Pic Credit: Waterfront Shipping

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