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Shipping Must (Wind) Power Into The Green-Golden Age

The International Windship Association (IWSA) has vocalised that the shipping industry is behind the curve in embracing opportunities from renewable energy, even though there is a plethora of low carbon technology solutions readily available for deployment.

Significant fuel and emission saving opportunities are on the table for owners that install wind technology devices on their ships, say the Association.

Gavin Allwright, secretary general of IWSA said: “There are a wealth of available solutions, either currently being tested on ships, or in late stage development, that use 21st century technology to harness wind as a viable propulsion for shipping.”

Pointing to endorsements for wind power in shipping that has come from major engineering conglomerates like Rolls-Royce and Wartsila, Allwright reminds that: “There is a vast body of support from academia, through to engineers and classification societies that recognise wind as one of the key opportunities for the shipping sector to rapidly reduce emissions.”

Comments made last year by LR’s new executive President Tom Boardley supports the IWSA’s claims, Boardley said that: “LR is [also] looking at alternative methods of propulsion such as wind-power for vessels.”

“A clear commitment to emission reduction from the IMO at this month’s meeting will stimulate a new green-golden age of shipping where innovation in the sector attracts a new generation of recruits and brings new energy to this lifeblood of global trade,” said the IWSA secretary.

“Without clear leadership investors in new technology for the shipping industry do not have sufficient confidence to commit to these and other technically and commercially viable solutions that are the best hope for the sector achieving net zero emissions by 2050,” Allwright continued.

The International Windship Association (IWSA) facilitates and promotes wind propulsion for commercial shipping worldwide and brings together all parties in the development of the wind-ship sector to shape industry and government attitudes and policies. IWSA members have market-ready technologies either in commercial operation or in late stage development.


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