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IWSA Sec Gen To Steer Wind Propulsion Seminar At Blue Week

The International Windship Association (IWSA) has announced that its Secretary General, Mr Gavin Allwright, has been selected to chair the Natural Propulsion seminar at Blue Week, hosted by the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN).

The seminar that Allwright will be chairing on May 24, 2016 will focus on commercial wind propulsion and other natural propulsion solutions.

At this seminar key wind assisted propulsion projects will deliver updates. Projects include; the Fair Winds Trading Company that is designing a zero emission low impact cargo sailing ship, the Inerjy hybrid propulsion vessel and the leaders of the Ecoship project, 56000GT cruise vessel Peaceboat will inform on the process for delivery of their active projects.

Additionally, academics from UCL and TU Delft will offer learnings from research into the aerodynamic interaction of several devices on deck and the integrated processes necessary for design and performance estimation for wind-assisted ships. Other topics will include an assessment of value of existing policy and wider potential for natural propulsion for shipping from the wind.

Allwright’s position on as the chair of the seminar further confirms the immense progress of the IWSA in the industry since its conception only a couple of years ago. Also, Allwright’s high level position at the event confirms that there is growing acceptance across the industry that wind is a viable option for commercial shipping.

“It is essential to accelerated development that the emerging wind-ship sector share knowledge and learning,” says Allwright.

He continued: “Blue Week is a vibrant and stimulating event where pioneers in sustainable energies relating to the sea come together to debate and progress solutions. The Natural Propulsion Seminar, which has been held since 2012, is one of, if not the, most important event for the Windship community. I’m looking forward to chairing the daylong event and hearing from leading entrepreneurs and academics on the latest developments.”

IWSA will also be hosting a full-day membership meeting at Blue Week.

Blue Week, is an independent, dedicated and free event where industry, academics and institutions can come together to explore and discuss the latest R&D initiatives, regulations and projects relating to sustainable energy from, and on, the sea. The 5th Natural Propulsion Seminar on 24th May to be held as part of Blueweek in Wageningen, Netherlands.  Registration is now open – http://www.blueforum.org/


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