KVH partners with GreenSteam for KVH Watch maritime IoT solution

Press Release: KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI), announced today that GreenSteam, developers of vessel performance optimization solutions for a sustainable shipping industry, has joined the KVH Watch® Solution Partner program and will offer the KVH Watch service as part of its enhanced performance platform for improved data mobility. KVH Watch’s dedicated connectivity will support GreenSteam’s core services, facilitating the movement of data from vessels to shore-based analysts more frequently and reliably in real-time. This will enable customers to better understand the factors leading to fuel wastage and develop more effective sustainability optimization strategies, ultimately reducing costs.

“The lifeblood of GreenSteam is data volume, however, without the ability to move this data off a ship in a timely manner to enable rapid assessments and responses, its impact is lessened,” says Daniel Slater, head of business development at GreenSteam. “As vessels are becoming increasingly sophisticated data generators, this partnership with KVH Watch will enable us to benefit from significant advances in satellite communications by improving the flow of information. This in turn will support shipowners and charterers to make better operational decisions, saving time and money, while reducing emissions.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for the maritime sector to capitalize on the exceptional gains made in satellite communications and performance optimization technology in recent years,” says Sven Brooks, senior director of IoT business development for KVH. “The combination of our Watch HTS connectivity with GreenSteam’s machine learning solutions can result in operational efficiencies, cost savings, and increased sustainability for fleets. This represents one more way that shipping is benefitting from digitalization.”

Digitalization is proving to be a transformative tool for the maritime industry, but with the sector now evolving beyond the data collection stage, attention is turning to the management, storage, and transfer of the data generated. Without real-time data flow from the vessel, machine-learning solutions must rely on incremental data transfers, therefore limiting the accuracy and confidence of the IoT analysis and prediction. With dedicated satellite connectivity, shipowners can capitalize on real-time data analysis to support vessel optimization throughout the course of a sea voyage.

KVH Watch is an IoT Connectivity as a Service solution that provides Flow, secure 24/7/365 machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity for remote monitoring of onboard equipment plus the ability to perform on-demand Remote Expert Interventions using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network. KVH Watch is designed for maritime system optimization providers such as GreenSteam, maritime equipment manufacturers, multicard service providers, and shipyards seeking affordable monthly subscription-based connectivity that L-band and cellular services cannot deliver at deep sea.

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