Liquid Wind contributes to establishing Gothenburg as a European e-fuels hub

Press Release: To celebrate the rapid development in the electro fuels space, Liquid Wind will today gather a group of partner companies in Gothenburg, the emerging hub for electro fuels in Europe. Liquid Wind already has two projects planned for Sweden and plans to have over ten plants by 2030 with the ambition to grow that to over 500 by 2050. The transition to sustainable shipping begins now.


On December 1st, frontrunners in the electro fuel business will gather in Gothenburg when Liquid Wind’s CEO and founder Claes Fredriksson will, together with the company’s partners, discuss their latest advances and future plans for large scale-production of green fuels and the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.


The first project, FlagshipONE in Örnsköldsvik, is being developed by Liquid Wind in partnership with Ørsted and could become Europe’s first large-scale green electro fuel production facility. The next plant will be built in Sundsvall, and three further plants are planned for the Nordic Region within short, including Sweden. Together these plants will account for at least 300,000 tonnes of green electro fuel. This fast-paced development is made possible by a unique partnership between Liquid Wind and several leading companies including Alfa Laval, Carbon Clean, Siemens Energy and Topsoe. And it’s no coincidence that many of Liquid Wind’s initial projects are planned for Sweden, because the country’s large wind power potential and large-scale availability of biogenic carbon dioxide make Sweden a very attractive market for the production of electro fuels.


Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind, comments: 


 “We have only just begun the journey to become the leading player of electro fuel. Our liquid electro fuel is the most sustainable- and quickest to implement green alternative to fossil fuels in shipping. It is also without doubt the best green alternative when electrification, by for example batteries, is not an option due to range or volume.”


The Port of Gothenburg has for many years been very ambitious in its environmental work and sees electro fuel as an important part of the fuel mix necessary for shipping’s green transition. The Swedish Government has even chosen the electro fuel initiative in the Port of Gothenburg to be a candidate in the Green Shipping Challenge, an international initiative launched during COP27 in Sharm-el-Sheikh.


Elvir Dzanic, CEO of the Port of Gothenburg comments:


 “We are already one of Europe’s most important bunker hubs and are aiming for the same within electro fuels. Several shipping companies that use the Port of Gothenburg today have ships on the way that are ready to run on electro fuels, and we have the operating regulations necessary in place to be able to bunker these ships.”


Electro fuel is one of the most important solutions in the transition to sustainable shipping. With Gothenburg-based Liquid Wind leading the charge along with a network of other cutting-edge companies, that transition is accelerating. Gothenburg and Sweden are taking yet another step towards developing new green business and solidifying its position as Europe’s hub for electro fuels.

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