Marin/ABS led wind assist ship propulsion project gets backing for phase 2

growing interest in wind-assist propulsion solutions leads to further research into performance predictions

Dutch marine research group MARIN and US-based classification society ABS have agreed to back a continuation of their wind assist research joint venture.


It will be known as WISP2 and will be a follow on from a predecessor joint venture that brought together shipowners, technology companies and other companies with an interest in gaining insights into how well modern wind assist technologies can work.


The aim is to be able to provide transparent and independently verified data on the savings that can be expected form wind assist technologies to help owners and other investors making decisions about their vessels.


15 participants and partners worked together within the first WiSP project: ABS, Anemoi, Bergebulk, BlueWasp, CSSRC, CWS, DSIC, Dykstra, Finocean, Hyundai, IWSA, Norsepower, TUDelft, Vale and MARIN. WiSP2 will aim to further improve performance predictions, along with rules and regulations, especially with regard to manoeuvring, for wind propulsion on commercial vessels.


Additionally it will look at making evaluations within EEDI and EEXI, but also from real operational conditions.


The EEDI (Energy efficiency design index) is a required benchmark-based index that all new buildings need to have valuated to ensure they are designed with energy efficiency and reduced emissions in mind. The Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) is similar but applied to ships in service and was recently agreed at the IMO as one of the short-term measures to help shipping reduce its overall emissions.


The aim is to prove the level of fuel savings ship owners can expect, enabling them to make informed investment decisions, whilst also keeping the upcoming CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) requirements in mind.


“These new findings from WiSP2 will be condensed in updated recommended methods for performance prediction and reported as submissions to MEPC and potentially other committees in IMO.” said Jan Otto de Kat, Director, Global Sustainability Center in Copenhagen and co-initiator from ABS in a press statement.


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