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New Condition Monitoring Starter Kit Launched

Parker Kittiwake has announced the launch of their new Condition Monitoring Starter Kit.

The kit combines the Parker Kittiwake DigiCell combined kit, the Holroyd MHC-Bearing Checker, and a PC tablet with a condition monitoring routine and log book pre-loaded on it to help guide the user in using the products for maximum effect.

Created with the aim of introducing the power of condition monitoring to those owners and operators less familiar with it, the Condition Monitoring Starter Kit combines essential tools that protect vulnerable equipment and prevent failure. It utilises modern condition monitoring technology to simplify everyday maintenance observations and provide advance warning of possible maintenance requirements. Using deskilled, intuitive technology, the starter kit empowers crew members with data that enables them to take corrective action and safeguard against potentially catastrophic damage in the worst case, and allows them to prioritise everyday maintenance to maximise operational efficiency.

The Parker Kittiwake DigiCell is an analysis tool that gives engineers a rapid indication of the levels of water in oil as well as an indication of the lubricant’s residual Base Number (BN). Also included in the starter kit is the Holroyd MHC-Bearing Checker, a hand held ‘pocket’ instrument that provides engineers with a quick and easy-to-operate analysis of bearing condition using unique Holroyd acoustic emmissions monitoring technology. By monitoring the high frequency acoustic emissions signals naturally generated by deterioration in rotating machinery, the Holroyd MHC-Bearing Checker is able to identify developing machinery faults and provide engineers with condition related information in the easiest possible form, as either a ‘ranked’ ditress number or a dB (decibel) value. The bearing checker provides data which can trend even the simplest pump or motor to show its degradation over time.

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