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Njord Offshore Takes Delivery of Two Fuel-Efficient Vessels

Njord Offshore has taken delivery of two crew transfer vessels (CTVs) that will feature Volvo Penta’s IPS900 drives to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 30%.

The CTV catamarans feature two Volvo Penta IPS900 drives in each hull that have proven ability to cut fuel costs and reduce emissions.

The IPS900 drives also facilitate fast and accurate control response times to make docking easier and safer, especially in rough conditions.  The dynamic fender system also reduces the load on the boat in such conditions.

With four IPS drive systems, the catamarans can operate at high speeds up to 29 knots, even when fully loaded.  The IPS package is also lighter than traditional engines of the same performance capabilities, enabling ease of handling.

The total number of CTVs the company owns has reached 15, with six of these now powered by Volvo Penta’s IPS900 quads.

The CTVs were designed by UK-based naval architect BMT Nigel Gee and built by Singapore-based Strategic Marine.

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