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Port efficiency relies on trust: IPCDMC

Ports and terminals wishing to be part of the push to improve transport chain efficiency need to engage with all businesses involved in vessel port calls and find the best ways to share data, according to the International PortCDM Council in its latest Implementation Note.

IPCDMC is pushing a particular form of communication that aims to shorten the time it takes for a vessel calling at a port.

PortCDM, where CDM stands for collaborative decision making, is being developed and spread through the industry, to allow better connectivity between ship masters, agents, tug operators, vessel traffic managers, terminal operators, pilots, in fact any other organisation that has some activity in a vessel’s arrival and departure, and a cargo journey.

The key part of this connectivity is the time stamp messaging, at such junctures as the planned and real times for end of sea passage, arrival of pilot, start of harbour passage, vessel alongside.

With so many companies and organisations involved in a vessel port call, and at different points along a vessel/cargo passage, the aim of PortCDM is to give these companies an opportunity to better plan and prepare as well as reduce waiting times.

The Third implementation Note from IPCDC can be downloaded below.

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