Press Release: C-MAP FleetManager delivers powerful insights into vessel performance

PRESS RELEASE: C-MAP, the leading provider of commercial marine charting and cloud-based software solutions for fleet management and route optimization, has today launched a new version of C-MAP FleetManager.

The web-based enterprise solution now gives shoreside managers more insight into their fleet’s performance for more informed decision-making though powerful analytics.
Fueled by Microsoft Power BI, C-MAP FleetManager gives immediate access to fleet data with interactive reports via a personalised dashboard. Customers can now connect data sources and see a graphical representation of all their ship’s data through interactive dashboards. Analysis reports can be created easily, in real-time, offering increased visibility and transparency into the performance of their fleet.

“Our customers capture more data about their fleet from more sources than ever before.” said Capt. Niles Baker, Global Sales Lead – Commercial Fleet Products, C-MAP. “But what they needed was a way to easily and efficiently access that data and gain real insights in real-time to manage their fleet effectively. So, we built an analytics tool into our C-MAP FleetManager solution to give our customers a simple and structured way to gain the intelligence they need, when they need it.”
Feedback from C-MAP pilot customers about the new FleetManager solution has been overwhelmingly positive. A global ship operator who is a long time user of C-Map services said:
“The new analytics tool has enabled us to dive deeper than ever in to the performance management of our vessels, giving real-time insights in a simple and structured way. This is a fantastic new leap forward for the product. The new analytics tool has saved so much time in running regular reports by presenting the crucial data on my dashboard, and the C-MAP development team has been helpful in tailoring the reports upon request.”


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