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Press Release: SHIPNEXT starts investment round B!

PRESS RELEASE: SHIPNEXT (https://shipnext.com) – is now open for Equity Investments!

With 2000+ unique cargo requests & 4000+ Ship’s positions daily, this is the fastest growing, technologically advanced and unique projects in international transportation.
SHIPNEXT SUPPLY CHAIN – a scalable, algorithm based transportation network and blockchain-based supply chain ecosystem – the future “Google Maps” – kind of solution for international Cargo Transportation  – is open for Security Token Sales! You can LITERALLY get your Share of in the Future Revenue of the Supply Chain ecosystem.
Investments start from $1000! – https://shipnext.io
Next week SHIPNEXT will launch:
SHIPNEXT Connect on Google – the easiest way for Brokers to be x10 faster and more efficient!
SHIPNEXT Instant Freight index – instant freight evaluation of each incoming Freight request (Trial version)

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