Safecube launches EasyTrack a new 100% digital tracking solution for sea freight flows

Press Release: In this early October 2020, Safecube, a French company born from a partnership between  Michelin, Sigfox France and Argon & Co, launches its new track and trace solution called  EasyTrack. 

Safecube is part of the supply chain ecosystem as a multimodal flow monitoring facilitator.  Today, the company deploys its solutions worldwide in a large range of business sectors such as  the automotive industry, aeronautics, petrochemistry, agrifood, healthcare, luxury, retail,  manufacturing… 

What is EasyTrack? 

More than a year after the launch of its first solution with IoT, Safecube creates EasyTrack, a  100% digital solution for sea freight flows.  

The purpose is to give actionable insights in real-time through one single digital touchpoint  which captures and processes data. In fact, behind this new solution Safecube’s aim is to make  tracking simple. The easy-to-use platform can be connected with the user’s information system.  It helps to manage exceptions in a more effective way and it provides actionable insights for  smarter decisions. 

We wanted a digitized supply chain with reliable, predictive, continuous visibility intelligence in order  to plan ahead and manage unforeseen events and delays that incur unwanted costs. We want to make  flow tracking intelligence as easy as possible. A new way of having visibility.” said Waël Cheaib,  Safecube CEO. 

Complementarity with IoT expertise 

Safecube is best known for leveraging IoT monitoring to improve the performances of shippers’  transport flows thanks to real-time and granular visibility. Today, the criticality of certain flows  varies the degree of performance required. EasyTrack fulfils the need for a digital track&trace  solution that can be used when IoT is not necessary. 

“IOT responds to the need for end-to-end visibility and the challenges of monitoring transport  conditions and is not necessarily adapted to 100% of the flows of all our customers. EasyTrack’s  purpose is to create complementarity between our offers, we want to provide customized business  expertise. Diversification and complementarity are seen as a logical step forward for our organization.”  said Wael Cheaib.  

A willingness to go international 

The EasyTrack solution is already involved in advanced testing phases with several major  manufacturers. Today, Safecube has a twofold ambition, which is to integrate naturally with the  IoT offer for its existing customers, as well as for new worldwide clients.  

Therefore, EasyTrack is part of a long term and evolutive diversification of Safecube solutions.  A new chapter for the company. 

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