Shipnext goes global in World Ocean Council documentary

Press Release: The leading freight platform Shipnext has been featured in a new documentary series launched by the World Ocean Council to explore all aspects of the so-called “blue economy”.


The “Ocean Titans” series aims to highlight the people and organisations who are working to strengthen corporate ocean responsibility. The Shipnext documentary, filmed this spring in Hamburg, Germany, explores how data and automation can be used to support efficient and environmentally-sustainable shipping.


In the documentary, founder and CEO Alexander Varvarenko explained how Shipnext was using tools such as real-time data processing and constantly-learning algorithms to process over 36,000 cargo and freight requests every day.


The patented Shipnext system combines email processing, powered by natural language processing, machine learning and AI, with an all-inclusive A-to-Z shipping platform. This integration enables instant freight search, freight tendering, trade facilitation and workflow automation.


Shipnext has also developed its own alternative emissions index – the Shipnext Voyage Emission Index (SVEI) – which considers the individual technical parameters of the vessel, its speed, consumption and intake, as well as the actual cargo quantity and the intended voyage, in order to identify the most efficient shipping solution.


Shipnext CEO and founder Alexander Varvarenko said: “Just as the UN Secretary General has said, a sustainable blue economy can drive economic progress and job creation, while protecting the ocean and climate at the same time.


“In that spirit, we were delighted to participate in the Ocean Titans series and share the message that tech solutions like Shipnext can change the way the shipping business works for the better – making it safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable.”


Also participating in the documentary was Shipnext client Michael Eskling of Uni-Tankers A/S, who told how the shipping business traditionally suffered from “a lack of transparency – especially when you want to locate the right tankers for the right cargoes”.


He added: “Working with Shipnext, we can make the market more transparent and ensure we achieve the most efficient and sustainable solution, by always choosing the ship that is in the right position.”


To watch the Shipnext Ocean Titans film, visit The documentary was made by Special Interest Films and is distributed globally by Reuters Plus.


Header image: Shipnext founder and CEO Alexander Varvarenko was featured in a new documentary series launched by the World Ocean Council.

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