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The Shipping & Sustainability Files: The diversity debate

Shipping & Sustainability room on Clubhouse talked about diversity in a recent discussion. There were as many men as women listening and talking.

Every March 8th is International Woman’s Day. It’s been that date since 1913, so 108 years, but picked up by the United Nations only in 1975 but only with an annual theme in 1996. The theme for 2021 is Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world. The weekly Shipping and Sustainability show, found on Clubhouse, takes place every Monday and it was obvious to co-hosts Gina Panayiotou (host of It’s All About Shipping) and Craig Eason (host of the Aronnax Podcast and author of this post) that they must cover this topic on such a date.

Guests for the show on March 8th, 2021 on Clubhouse were Helen Buni who is principal programme assistant at the IMO and is part of the Organizations Women in Maritime Program,  Sanjam Sahi Gupta, founder of Maritime SheEO and Angelica Kemene, founder of the startup accelerator Optima-X

The show notes consist of comments from the panel and those that took the microphone to add their comments and experiences during the briefing.

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Craig Eason is the owner and editorial director of Fathom.World. He has a background in the shipping industry having started his career as a cadet on oil tankers and gas carriers before becoming a navigating officer on a range of vessel types. A change in career, with ensuing university studies, and he has now gained 20 years experience in written and broadcast journalism. He now is in demand as a knowledgeable and competent editor and event host and moderator, both for in-house events and ones for the public.

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