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UK Shipyard Wins Scrubber Retrofit Contract

Falmouth Yard, part of A&P Group, has won a contract to retrofit two Condor Ferries with exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers).

The Commodore Clipper and the Commodore Goodwill will both be fitted with scrubbers at the UK shipyard to help reduce sulphur and particulate emissions from the engines, generators and boilers. This will enable the ships to reduce their emissions while continuing to burn heavy fuel oil (HFO).

This contract is particularly significant with stricter sulphur limits in force across global Emission Control Areas (ECAs) and with the looming global sulphur cap of 0.5% expected to be introduced in 2020 or 2025.

A&P Group’s technical team will work alongside scrubber manufacturer BELCO technologies for this retrofit project.

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